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Q: You know what would make America great again? A: If we kept the Mexicans and deported the hipsters.
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How do you find the population of a Mexican village? Roll a quarter down the street.r
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Why were there only 5000 mexicans at the Alamo? Because there were only 2 vans.
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Q: What are a couple of gay Mexicans called? A: Juan on Juan.
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Q: How many cops does it take to arrest a Mexican? A: Eight. One to carry him, the rest to carry his oranges.
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Mexicans cross the border 1...2...and 4 at one time, never 3. why? Because the sign says - no tres passing.
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Q: Do you know what a Mexican motorcycle sounds like? A: Cavrone puta puta puta.
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Q: Why do Mexicans have such small steering wheels in their car? A: So they can drive with handcuffs on.
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Q: Whats different between a Mexican and a Pothole? A: We serve when we see potholes in the middle of the road.
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A Mexican, white guy, and a black guy all go to hell and the devil told them that if they can walk across his hand without burning in flames, then he will give them a second life on earth. The white guy was really confident...first step, he caught a fire a disappeared. The Mexican, nervously toke the first step and noticed that he wasn't dead, he took a couple more steps and disappeared. The black guy started walking and made it all the way across without burning to flames. Satan was shocked and asked him how he did it and the black guy replied "chocolate melts in your mouth not your hands"
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