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Knock, knock! Who's there? Spell. Spell who? W-H-O.
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Peter approaches the gates of Heaven. "Knock knock," says Peter. Miraculously, someone answers him. "Who's there," a voice in the distance asked. "God," says Peter. "God who," asked the voice? "GOD DAMMIT open these gates! I've been a good neighbor, loved my wife and lost my virginity, twice!"
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Knock knock Who's there? Double. Double who? W!
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Knock knock! Who's there? Yah! Yah who? Naaah, bro, I prefer google.
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Fast way to screw up someone's Knock Knock joke...? "It's open."
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Knock, knock. Who's there? Owls say. Owls say who? Yep, that they do.
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Knock, knock. Who's there? Nobel. Nobel who? No bell, I knock.
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Knock knock. Who's there? Hatch. Hatch who? Bless you.
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Knock Knock! Who's There? Figs Figs who? Figs the doorbell, it's broken!
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Knock Knock. Who's there! Ice cream! Ice cream who? Ice cream if you don't let me in!
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