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Q: What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with Chuck Norris? A: Nothing. Nobody crosses Chuck Norris.
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Q: What's the nickname for someone who put their right hand in the mouth of a T-Rex? A: Lefty.
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Q: What game does the brontosaurus like to play with humans? A: Squash.
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Yo mama so old she ran track with the dinosaurs.
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Q: Why did dinosaurs have sex under water? A: You try to keep five hundred pounds of pussy wet!
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What do you call a gay dinosaur?…… Mega-sore-ass.
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Mama Raptor and Papa Raptor were in court getting a divorce and the judge offered Baby Raptor a choice of which parent to live with. JUDGE: "Do you want to live with your mother?" BABY RAPTOR: "No! She beats me." JUDGE: "OK, then you can live with your father." BABY RAPTOR: "No! He beats me too!" JUDGE: "Well you have to live with someone. Who do you want to live with?" BABY RAPTOR: "I want to live with my Aunt Bertha in Toronto." JUDGE: "Is there any chance she'll beat you also?" BABY RAPTOR: "No sir. The Toronto Raptors don't beat anybody."
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Once Chuck Norris went back in time and kicked a ball. When it landed it wiped out the dinosaurs.
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They have traced the Gay Gene all the way back to the time of the Dinosaurs. They found two distinct species. They have named them Lickalotapus and Megasoreass.
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Meteors didn't kill the dinosaurs, Chuck Norris just needed a new pair of boots.
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