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Q: How was copper wire invented? A: Two jews fighting over a penny.
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Failed my biology test today: They asked, "What is commonly found in cells?" Apparently "black people" wasn't the correct answer.
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A Pakistani boy took admission in an American school... Teacher: "Whats your name?" Boy: "Nadir" Teacher: "No, now you are in America, your name is Johnny from today." Boy went home and his mother asked: "How was the day Nadir?" Boy: "I am an American now, so call me Johnny." Mom and Dad both got offended and beat him up. Next day he was back to school all bruised... Teacher: "What happened Johnny?" Boy: "Ma'm, just 6 hours after I became American, I was attacked by two Pakistani terrorists."
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Asian pregnancy test: Stick a Rubik cube into vagina. Wait 30 seconds, if it's solved then there's a little Asian in there.
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How can you tell a black guy has been on your computer? It's not there.
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Q: Why aren't there any Wal Marts in Afghanistan? A: Because there is a Target on every corner.
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Do not be racist , be like Mario. He's an italian plumber, made by Japanese people, who speaks english, looks like a mexican, jumps like a black man, and grabs coins like a jew!
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What do you call an Asian billionare. Cha Ching.
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Q: Why are all black people fast? A: The slow ones are in jail.
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You know your f*cked when the Asian says, "shit", during the test.
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