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After football fans in Philadelphia were treated to a particularly excruciating loss earlier in the season, a man phoned a sports-radio talk-show host to say, "Everyone should call in and give one word for that game." "What's your word?" the host 
replied. "Bored out of my mind," said the caller.
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What did the cow wear to the football game? A Jersey.
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A teacher asks her students if they're Yankees fans. All of the hands go up except for one student. "Okay, Bobby. What team are you a fan of?" "The Red Sox." "Why's that?" "Well, my parents are both Red Sox fans, so I'm a Red Sox fan too." "That's not a good answer, Bobby. If your parents were both morons, would you be a moron too?" "No, that would make me a Yankees fan!"
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Two blonde football fans are walking along the road when one of them picks up a mirror. He looks in it and says, 'Hey, I know that person!' The second one picks it up and says, 'Of course you do, you idiot, it's me'.
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Q: What do you get when a dinosaur scores a touchdown? A: A dino-score.
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Why did the football coach go to the bank? "To get his Quarter back."
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Why are football stadiums always cool? "Because they're full of fans."
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An Arabic kid joined my football team. All he did was blow the plays.
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Why is it so hot in a stadium after a football game? Because all the fans have left.
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Chuck Norris hit a home run in a football game.
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