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If Chuck Norris ever opened a restaurant, the only thing on the menu would be knuckle sandwiches and eye of roundhouse steaks.
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What’s the difference between a nigger and a pizza? Pizza doesn’t scream in the roaster!
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Why doesnt a man eat out an 80 year old woman? Ever opened up a grilled cheese?
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What is the difference between turkey and mother-in-law? There is no difference: both are the best when they are cold on the table.
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The last time Chuck Norris was hungry, all the dinosaurs suddenly got extinct...
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Two old ladies are in a restaurant. One complains, "You know, the food here is just terrible." The other shakes her head and adds, "And such small portions."
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Where is the best place to hide a nigger's food stamps? Under his work boots.
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Q. Why don't blondes eat Jello? A. They can't figure out how to get two cups of water into those little packages.
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Why would the cannibal only eat babies? He was on a diet!
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Q: What side of the cow gives the most milk? A: The utter side.
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