The best marriage jokes

Remember your wife is a romantic who still loves flowers and chocolates. Show her you remember as well by referring to them occasionally.
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I got really love sick the other day working away from home. Went to the doctors and they said it was chlamydia.
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The husband who wants a happy marriage should learn to keep his mouth shut and his chequebook open.
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A man married an illiterate wife. After two years of marriage, they gave birth to a son called EFe. One day his mother asked him to read is multiplication table and he started immediately but when he reached 4multiply by 4 he mistakingly said 8 they mother angrily slapped him and told him the answer wasn't 8 but 44. The boy cried and reported what happened to the father, the father took him back and angrily told the wife to tell him the correct answer and the woman hurriedly say 4mutiply by 4 is it not 44. The man now calmed down and sai d u are Lucky that you got the answer if not I would have disgraced you here. I hope they are all brilliant.
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