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Q: How do you get a nun pregnant? A: Dress her up as an alter boy.
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A husband, one bright sunny morning, turns to his lovely wife, “Wife, we’re going fishing this weekend, you, me and the dog.” The wife grimaces, “But I don’t like fishing!” “Look! We’re going fishing and that’s final.” “Do I have to go fishing with you… I really don’t want to go!” “Right I’ll give you three choices… 1 You come fishing with me and the dog… 2 You give me a BLOW JOB…. 3 or you take it up the ass!” The wife grimaces again, “But I don’t want to do any of those things!” “Wife I’ve given you three options.. You’ll HAVE to do one of them! I’m going to the garage to sort out my fishing tackle, when I come back I expect you to have made up your mind!” The wife sits and thinks about it. Twenty minutes later her husband comes back, “Well! What have you decided? FISHING with me and the dog, BLOW JOB, or ass?” The wife complains some more and finally makes up her mind, “O.K. I’ll give you a blow job!” “Great!” He says and drops his pants. The wife is on her knees doing the business. Suddenly she stops, looks up at her Husband, “Oh! It tastes absolutely disgusting… It tastes all shitty!” “Yes!” says her husband “The dog didn’t want to go fishing either.”
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Q: If Hitler would have been a feminist what political system would he have come up with? A: A dickhatership!
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Q: What did dick say to rubber? A: "Cover me I'm going in."
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Q: What do you call a lesbian with a big tongue? A: Well hung.
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Chuck Norris once wrestled a thirty foot snake, and then he realized he was just masturbating.
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There was three girls and they all had boyfriends and separate rooms. The mom walked by all the rooms. The first room she hears laughing, the second room she heard screaming and the third was totally quiet. The mom was suspicious, so she asked the third girl why was she so quiet she replied, "My boyfriend said not to talk with my mouth full."
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Hey, you wanna do a 68? You go down on me, and I'll owe you one.
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Yo mama's like a library, she's open to the public.
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Just heard someone bragging about his one night stand. Whatever mate, I've got two night stands. Either side of my bed.
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