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On Sunday little Johnny with his dad went for bathing. The ground was slippery. So poor boy for avoiding of knocking down grabbed his father's penis. His father smiled and told him: "Oh boy you are lucky. If you were with your mother you were concussion!"
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If your right leg was Halloween and the other one was Christmas I would have come visit you between the holidays.
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That moment when you notice that one fork isn't really very clean when you're laying the table and you have to decide which family member you like the least.
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Q: Why do dogs lick their balls? A: Because they can. Q: So why do they stick their noses in women's crotches? A: Same reason.
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There was a boy watching tv with his parents. A sex scene comes on. The boy asks what the people are doing. The mom said "they were just making a cake." The boy goes"oh yea, I saw u and daddy making a cake yesterday and I Licked up all the icing."
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I never drink water… fish f**k in it.
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Q: Why is a girls pussy like an ocean? A: It's really wet and has a Sperm Whale in it.
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Three policemen are sitting in a car. Bored, as cards and domino make them sick already. On thinks of an idea: Guys, lets play golf. All we need is a stick, ball and a hole. I can arrange a stick, – one says. I will get a ball, - adds another. Guys, I’m not playing this dirty game, - says the third one.
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Q: Why is the camel called the ship of the desert? A: Because it's full of Arab semen.
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Listening to censored hip-hop is like going to a whore for a hug.
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