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Question: Why do men fart more than women? Answer: Because women won’t shut up long enough to build up pressure.
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Three little boys were sitting around talking about their fathers. The first boy said, "My dad can blow smoke rings." The second boy said, "My dad can blow smoke rings out of his nose." The third boy said, "Well, my dad can blow smoke rings out of his butt." The first and second boys where amazed. The second boy said, "Have you seen him do it?" "No," said the third boy, "but I've seen the tobacco stains on his underwear."
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Yo' Mama is so dumb, if her brains were farts, there wouldn't be enough to stink.
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Five liters of bean soup for dinner – let´s spend the night with the gas mask!
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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house everyone felt shitty even the mouse. Mom at the whorehouse and dad smoking grass, I settled down for a nice piece of ass. When all of a sudden I heard such a clatter, I sprung from my place to see what was the matter. When out on the lawn I saw a big dick, I new in a moment it must be Saint Nick. He came down the chimney like a bat out of hell, I knew in a moment the f*cker had fell. He filled all of our stockings with pretzels and beer and a big rubber dick for my brother the queer. He rose up the chimney with a thunderous fart, the son of a b*tch tore the chimney apart. He swore and he cursed as he flew out of sight, "piss on you all and have a hell of a night."
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Yo' Mama is so nasty, her farts are classified as biological weapons.
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Husband: Shall we try a new positon tonight? Wife: Sure. You stand by the ironing board, and I'll sit on the couch while drinking beer and farting.
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Yo' Mama is so fat, when she farts, it comes out at the ankles of her tight-ass jeans.
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Yo mama so fat the highway patrol made her wear "Caution! Wide Turn"
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Yo mama is so old, that when she farts all that comes out is dust.
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