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The main distinction between a boss and the Pope is the Pope only expects you to kiss his ring.
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Yo mama is so fat she fell in love and broke it.
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Yo mama so fat when she burped New Orleans thought Katrina came back to finish the job.
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Yo mamma's so fat that she had to get baptized at seaworld.
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Yo mamma is so fat, her husband has to stand up in bed each morning to see if it's daylight.
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Yo momma so dumb she threw a ball at the ground and missed.
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Yo mama's so fat, she's the reason why the universe is expanding.
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Yo mama is so stupid, when I offered her animal crackers she said no thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
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My ex-wife is so thick, that it is for me, when we meet sometimes, easier to jump her over than to go around her.
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Asians are so bad at driving, I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident.
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