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A: How do children in Baghdad do? A: Bombastically.
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There once was two people Lisa and Brian They got married and had a child. The only problem was that the child was only a head, he had no arms, legs or torso. So all his life he was picked on and teased and he always wished he had a body. So when he turned 21 his dad took him to a bar and let him have his first beer ever. When he drank a whole bottle an arm popped out. When he drank more bottles more body parts popped out. After drinking many beers he finally had a whole body. As they left the bar, he was very drunk and was hit by a bus and he died. The moral of the story "Quit while you're a head."
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He was so ugly when he was born they didn’t know whether to buy a cot or a cage.
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What is the hardest part of making shoe fly pie? Putting the shoes on the flies!
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Q: Why do two skunks argue? A: Because they like to kick up a stink.
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Q: How big are the pastro's beds? A: Oh c'mon, it knows every little kid.
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A man married an illiterate wife. After two years of marriage, they gave birth to a son called EFe. One day his mother asked him to read is multiplication table and he started immediately but when he reached 4multiply by 4 he mistakingly said 8 they mother angrily slapped him and told him the answer wasn't 8 but 44. The boy cried and reported what happened to the father, the father took him back and angrily told the wife to tell him the correct answer and the woman hurriedly say 4mutiply by 4 is it not 44. The man now calmed down and sai d u are Lucky that you got the answer if not I would have disgraced you here. I hope they are all brilliant.
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What kind of rocks do young geologists play with? Marbles.
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What color is a burp? It's burple!
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A woman of 35 thinks of having children. What does a man of 35 think of? Dating children.
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