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Little Lucy met Little Johnny after school and ask him, "Johnny do you you think I'm cute?" Little Johnny looked at her from head to toe irritably and replied. "Roses are red. Your blood is too. You look like a monkey. And belong in a zoo. Do not worry, I'll be there too. Not in the cage, But laughing at you".
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Roses are red, violets are blue... I'm in love but not with you... When we broke up you thought I cried But all it was... Was another guy, You told your friends that I was a trick, I told mine that you had a weak dick... I said I loved you And you thought it was true, But guess what baby?! You got played too!
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Roses are red, violets are blue. Pornhub is Down, your mums Facebook will do.
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Smoke a smoke Not a butt Fuck a virgin Not a slut.
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Holy mother, full of grace Bless my boyfriend's gorgeous face Bless his hair that tends to curl Keep him safe from all the girls Bless his arms that are so strong Keep his hands where they belong Bless his dick, the one i sucked Bless the bed, in which we fucked And if my Mom happened to walk in Bless the shit I'd be in.
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Roses are red violets are blue. My dick has glue I offer it to you.
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Roses are red tulips are black. You'd look great with a knife in your back.
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Roses are red violets are blue. I hate poems even more than I hate you.
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Roses are blue My thumb's got a sliver I drank far too much and I'm killing my liver.
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Mary held her little daughter, twenty minutes under water. Not to care for any troubles, just to look at those funny bubbles.
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