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Santa writes to Chuck Norris about what he wants for Christmas.
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Yo mama so ugly she made santa say ho ho ho.
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Santa Claus asks Chuck Norris for presents.
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Q: Why is Santa always so jolly when he comes to the UK? A: He can claim Gift Relief.
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Santa Clause doesn't watch you sleep but Chuck Norris does.
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This Christmas, Santa is sending a message to the naughty children to stop being bad. He stuffing their stocking with Chuck Norris!
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You know you're getting old when Santa starts looking younger.
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How does Santa's accountant value his sleigh? Net Present Value.
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If Santa comes down the chimney this year and tries to stuff you in his sack, don't worry, because I wished for you for Christmas.
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Santa Claus arrives to a kindergarten and gives each child a present. Everybody received really cool presents – racing car models, ship models and similar. But one kid got only a pair of socks. A kid comes to him and teases him with his received brand new Formula 1 model and laughs at this socks-kid: LHey, what a shitty present you have received, look at my super car" said the kid offensively. "So what, at least I don't have cancer…"
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