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Yo' Mama is so stupid, she taped toilet paper to her TV set for free paper view.
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Yo mama is stupid, she put a book in her friend face and named facebook.
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A boy with a physical disability has just returned from a summer camp. His mum with an astonished face notices a diploma dancing for 1st place at the bottom of the boy's luggage. Mum: "Jimmy, did you dance with a girl?" Boy: "Nouuu." Mum: "Did you dance with a boy then?" Boy: "No, mum." Mum: "So how did you get it?" Boy: "I went to take some tea."
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Q: Why do Blondes wear padded shoulders? A: So they don't get a concussion while bobbing them from head side to side as they are saying "I don't know?" whenever you ask them a question.
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Yo momma’s so stupid, when I told her it was chilly outside she ran and got a bowl.
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Yo' Mama is so stupid, she smashed open her TV hoping to find a TV dinner.
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"Mom, where do tampons go?" "Where the babies come from, darling." "In a stork?
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Little Johnny was a chemist. Little Johnny is no more. What he thought was H2O was H2SO4.
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A woman stopped by our customer-service desk and asked me for a copy of the book that has Jesus in it. After much back-and-forth, I determined that she wanted the Bible. After searching for a particular book on dinosaurs in the science section without luck, a customer looked to me for help. She showed me a piece of paper with the title written on it: Thesaurus.
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You momma so stupid I see her walking the pigs down the street I'd asked "What she doing?" And she said "Going piggy back riding"!
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