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A husband is driving with her blonde wife, the husband says "Can you stick your head out the window if the blinker works?" T hen the blonde sticks her head out the window and replies, "Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes..".
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Q: What's the difference between a black guy and a white guy? A: A white guy can say "Hey Dad" and "Good morning officer".
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Q: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A: A dino-snore!
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Q: What do you get when you cross a Godfather with a lawyer? A: An offer you can't understand.
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The sexologist to Johny: "let´s talk about sex!" Johny: "I have no idea."
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Q: What did the blonde say when she saw the sign in front of the YMCA? A: "Look! They spelled MACY's wrong!"
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Me "Hi! Welcome to McDonald's! Can I take your Mcorder?" Boss "You don't have to put Mc in front of everything." Me "Oh okay. Hi! Welcome to Donalds! Can I take your order?" Boss "Get out."
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You mama so bugle one detection went the other derection.
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Chuck Norris asked his script writer for more dialogue and the script writer said "Chuck you mean more grunting?"
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After a number of attempts to get the customer service agent on the phone to understand his name, my Asian American friend Appappa decided to spell it out. "A for apple," he began. "P for pineapple, p for pineapple, a for apple, p for pineapple, p for—" The flustered agent interrupted. "I have a better idea," she said. "Just tell me how many apples and how many pineapples."
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