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Q: When does a cub become a boy scout? A: When he eats his first Brownie.
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Your mama is so stupid, when she lost her dildo she called the cops to look for it.
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How does a gay man fake an orgasm? He spits on his partners back.
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Daughter: Dad, this guy told me the sweetest thing ever. Me: What's that hunny? Daughter: He said I had nice bumper lights, and a nice trunk. Me: Tell that niggie if he fills up your gas tank, I'll break his exhaust pipe, ya dig?
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My ex girlfriend has a tattoo of a shell on her inner thigh. If you put your ear up to it... you can smell the ocean.
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Q: What did one tampon say to the other? A: Nothing. They were both stuck up bitches.
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Q: Why is it jewish men won't go down on a woman? A: Too close to the gas chamber.
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Q: How do you know a gay guy has farted? A: He needs to change his pants afterward.
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Yo momma so fat when I crawl in her pussy I can't find my way out.
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How did Burger King get Diary Queen Pregnant? He forgot to wrap his whopper.
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