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What do you say to a virgin? Thanks for nothing!
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Q: Whats the difference between Amy Winehouse and Captain Morgan? A: Captain Morgan comes alive when you add coke!
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Q: When does a cub become a boy scout? A: When he eats his first Brownie.
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Q: Do you know what happends with a nigger if he sticks up 12 varningssigns in his ass? A: He becomes a toblerone!
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A 7-year-old boy and a 40-year old man are walking together in a dark forest. The young boy says, "I'm afraid..." The 40-year-old man replies," You're afraid?! I have to walk out of here alone!"
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Lady, how many sex partners have you had? Three.. oh no, wait... nine - I have forgotten one case.
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If a man and a woman get married in Texas and move to Washington are they still brother and sister?
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I need your help making a cream sauce.
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There once was a girl named Pinkie who desired to have a little inky, when the notion of the motion was planted, in her dinky little head. With her butt in the air, while the man in the sidecar tattooed her derriere 100 miles per hour down I 45 to bike fest. Drunk and stupid and would not listen, smeared beyond recognition, she said it was Tinker Bell but we couldn't tell O well.
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What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? a lickalotapus.
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