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How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh? Ten-tickles.
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Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar and doesn't.
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A programmer had a problem. He decided to use Java. He now has a ProblemFactory.
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Q: Why did the computer go to the dentist? A: Because it had Bluetooth.
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Q: Why was the mole of oxygen molecules excited when he walked out of the singles bar? A: He got Avogadro's number!
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Infinity mathematicians came to bar. First one ordered 1 glass of beer, second a half, third a quarter... The barman interrupted them: "Assholes, here are 2 beers!"
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Hide a seek champion... ; Since 1958
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Q: What will my computer printer warranty cover? A: Your mouse pad.
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Q: Why accountants don't read novels? A: Because the only numbers in them are page numbers.
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Q: What element is a girl's future best friend? A: Carbon.
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