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Two firemen are butt fucking in a smoked filled room. The fire chief walks in and says "what are you doing?" Give this man mouth to mouth then one of the firemen says: "I did how do you think all this shit got started..."
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Yo mamma so fat she doesn't play temple run she plays temple roll.
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Yo mama so ugly, Instagram tagged her selfies 'explicit content'.
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In France, Chuck Norris accidentally won Tour de France by exercise bike.
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Eight hours into his trial Paddy pleads guilty. "Why didn't you plead guilty at the beginning and save the court's time?" The judge demanded. "Well," Paddy responded, "until I heard all the evidence I thought I was innocent."
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Yo mama is so fat, it takes two texts for her to send a selfie.
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6 year old kid looking at Mom's ID card. Sex: F He laughs. Mom: "Whats so funny?" Kid: "I can't believe you're so bad in sex that you failed in it." Husband died laughing.
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Knock knock. Who's there? Cash. Cash who? Yes! I've always known you were a bit nutty!
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Q: When do accountants laugh out loud? A: When somebody asks for a raise.
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Q: What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet? A: Lost.
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