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Why are asian people bad at driving? Because they can't see.
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Funeral jokes are the best - they never die...
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Yo mama so ugly, she's the reason Mario jumps high.
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A sexology professor announced that if any man over 50 eats 2 or 3 dates with a raw garlic clove he never fails in sex problems. This prescription makes his dick strong and heathy. There is only one side effect. That diet causes he blows many farts daily!
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Yo mama so hairy she braids her elbows.
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Jesus won't come back again. Why? Because he know you will kill him and see if he will wake up again.
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Q: How do you get a black girl pregnant? A: Cum on a rock and let the flies do the rest.
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Yo mama's so stupid she tried comiting suicide by jumping of a tall building but got lost on the way down.
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Do you know why women aren't allowed in space? To avoid scenarios like: "Houston, we have a problem!" "What is the problem?" "Yeah, great, pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about!"
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"My wife suffers from a drinking problem." "Oh is she an alcoholic?" "No, I am, but she's the one who suffers."
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