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Q: Why can't 2 Asians make a white baby? A: Because 2 Wongs don't make a white.
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American tourist in Moscow found himself needing to get rid of a large supply of garbage from his recent stay at an apartment. After a long search, he just couldn't find any place to discard of it. So, he just went down one of the side streets to dump it there. Yet, he was stopped by a Moscow police officer, who said, "Hey you, what are you doing?" "I have to throw this away," replied the tourist. "You can't throw it away here. Look, follow me," the policeman offered. The police officer led him to a beautiful garden with lots of grass, pretty flowers, and manicured hedges. "Here," said the cop, "dump all the garbage you want." The American shrugs, opens up the large bags of garbage, and dumps them right on the flowers. "Thanks for giving me a place to dump this stuff. This is very nice of you. Is this Russian courtesy?" asked the tourist. "No. This is the American Embassy."
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Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? A: Three. One to hire a Mexican guy and two to deport him when he's done.
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Why did the white guy go to the black guy's yard sale? To get his stuff back.
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What's the flattest surface you can iron your clothes on? Asian girl's ass.
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What is the similarities between a black girl, and a tornado? They both suck, blow, and leave you homeless!
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How do they name Chinese baby's? They throw silverware down the stairs until they hear something they like.
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How do you know if an Asian robbed you? Your homework is done and cats gone.
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Q: How do Asian parents name their kids? A: They drop a tin can down the stairs and it makes the noise Bing ling wata ling ling.
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What happened to the Asian when he walked into a wall with a boner? He hit his nose.
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