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Why don't black people pay rent? Because jail is free.
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Whats the difference between usain bolt and hitler? Usain bolt can finish a race...
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what do black people and bicycles have in common? They only work with a chain on.
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Why did the Mexican take Xanax? For hispanic attacks.
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Q: What do you call a black priest? A: Holy Shit.
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I was going to tell a chinese joke, but it's just wong.
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What do you get when you cross a Mexican with an Asian? A car thief that can't drive.
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Have you heard of the new black Barbie doll? It comes with 6 kids, AIDS, and a welfare check!
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How do you know if you've walked into the wrong Chinese bookstore? It'll be called "Wong Fook Hing Book Store".
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New York was having a problem with too many pigeons in the city. The mayor of New York placed an ad asking for help to get rid of the pigeons in the city. A man responded to the ad. The man said that he would get rid of all of the pigeons in New York for $1million. He stated that he would stand behind his work and that he had very good credentials. There was only one stipulation, any questions that were asked would cost the city an additional $1million if answered. The mayor agreed to the terms. The man went to his car and brought back a small box. He opened the box and pulled out a pink pigeon. He released the pigeon into the air. Soon all of the pigeons in the city were following this pigeon. The pink pigeon lead all of the city's pigeons over the ocean and one by one the pigeons began to tire and fell into the ocean and died. The pink pigeon returned to it's owner and was given a soft pat on the back and put back into the box. The mayor was totally amazed by this. The mayor complimented the man on his magnificent work. The mayor told the man that he had a question for him. The man reminded the mayor that any questions to be answered would cost an additional $1million. The mayor said that his question was worth the cost. The mayor asked the man if he happened to have any pink niggers.
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