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Q: How does every black joke start? A: With the white guy looking over his shoulder.
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A Mexican and a black person jump off a bridge, who wins? Society.
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Once you go asian you never miss an equation.
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In Heaven: The cooks are French, The policemen are English, The mechanics are German, The lovers are Greek, The bankers are Swiss. In Hell: The cooks are English, The policemen are German, The mechanics are French, The lovers are Swiss, The bankers are Greek.
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I was going to tell a chinese joke, but it's just wong.
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There's 1000 black guys and 1 white guy. What do you call the white guy? Warden.
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What does the black kid across the street get for christmas? Your bike...
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Q: Why can't 2 Asians make a white baby? A: Because 2 Wongs don't make a white.
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A teacher goes around her class asking each of the kids what do they need at home? 1st kid says, "A computer." Teacher replies "That'd be very useful" 2nd kid says "A new lawn mower." Teacher replies with a similar response... Little Johnny pops up and says, "At my house we don"t need anything." The teacher asks him to think again carefully as everybody needs something... Little Johnny replies, "Nope, i'm sure of it. Whenever my sister started going out with a NIGGER, i remember my dad saying, "Well, thats the last f*cking thing we need."
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Q: What happens when you stick you hand in a jar of jellybeans? A: The black ones steal your watch.
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