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How do you blindfold an Asian? With dental floss!
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What do you call a bunch of mexicans getting stoned? Baked beans.
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A Liverpool docker went to South Africa for a job. The boss tells him, "Its people like you we want here. Here's a test. There's a revolver, go out and shoot 6 niggers and a rabbit." The docker asks, "Why do I have to shoot the rabbit?" He got the job.
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Q: What's faster then a black guy running down the street with your TV? A: His brother behind him with the VCR.
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Q: What do you do when your computer gets wet? A: Put it in a bowl of rice, an Asian will show up and they will fix it.
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There's a black and a Mexican in a car, who's driving? The Cop
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How do you start a Jewish parade? Throw a penny down main street.
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Why do ghetto people always name their kids things they cant afford like Diamond, Mercedes, Car Insurance?
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What's a mexicans' favorite sport? Cross country.
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Q: Why should you be more afraid of a white guy in jail than a black guy? A: You know the white guy actually committed the crime.
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