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The travelin' Texan picked up a sweet young thang in a bar and after several rounds, ordered the biggest steaks they had. Later, they retired to his room, naturally the largest in the hotel. As they undressed, he said, "I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, and we have the biggest of everything." The girl only nodded and smiled. As they began to make love, he exclaimed, "Golleeeee, lil' Lady! What part of Texas y'all from?"
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Why do white people have pets? Because the aren't allowed black people anymore...
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Q: What do you call a black person in a three piece suit? A: The defendant.
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Q: Do you know how Chinese people name their children? A: They throw some pans and based on the noises they make like "ting tang," "Dung dung", "Ting tang dung"
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Q: What was so bad about being a black Jew? A: You had to sit in the back of the oven.
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Why were there only 5000 mexicans at the Alamo? Because there were only 2 vans.
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Black man found a bottle in the desert, opened it and the genie flew out: "Ask for what you want - I'll fulfill three of your wishes!" "I want to be white, often see nude woman, and that I will always be full of water!" Genie waved his hand and turned the black man to a water closet...
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A Jewish boy asked his father "Father, can you lend me 50 dollars?" The father replied, "40 dollars, What do you need 30 dollars for?"
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What does NBA stand for Niggas Boucing Around.
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What do you call a black woman who got an abortion? A member of crimestoppers of america.
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