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Q: What happens when you spin an asian man on a swivel chair? A: He gets disoriented!
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A black guy and his black girlfriend are in a car. Who's driving? "The cop!"
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A white guy goes into a bar and sees a black bartender. He says, "yo, nigger, get me a beer!" The bartender says, "that's very rude. How would you like it if I talked to you like that?" The white guy says, "let's switch places and see!" So they switch places. The bartender says, " yo, cracka, get me a beer!" The white guy says, "sorry, we don't serve niggers here!"
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How do Chinese people name their kids? Throw a spoon down the stairs. CHING CHANG CHONG TING.
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Black man found a bottle in the desert, opened it and the genie flew out: "Ask for what you want - I'll fulfill three of your wishes!" "I want to be white, often see nude woman, and that I will always be full of water!" Genie waved his hand and turned the black man to a water closet...
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A Jewish boy asked his father "Father, can you lend me 50 dollars?" The father replied, "40 dollars, What do you need 30 dollars for?"
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White owl: who who. Black owl: who dat who dat.
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Why do white people have pets? Because the aren't allowed black people anymore...
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A teacher was giving a lesson and was telling the pupils that we came from Adam and Eve. A hand went up and the kid said, "But my dad told me that we come from apes, Miss?" Miss replied, "Stay out of this one, Leroy!"
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Q: Do you know how Chinese people name their children? A: They throw some pans and based on the noises they make like "ting tang," "Dung dung", "Ting tang dung"
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