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How do you suffocate a nigger? Tell him there's weed inside the pillowcase.
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Snow. One of the rare times the phrase "8 - 12 inches" is associated with something white.
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The travelin' Texan picked up a sweet young thang in a bar and after several rounds, ordered the biggest steaks they had. Later, they retired to his room, naturally the largest in the hotel. As they undressed, he said, "I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, and we have the biggest of everything." The girl only nodded and smiled. As they began to make love, he exclaimed, "Golleeeee, lil' Lady! What part of Texas y'all from?"
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A black guy and his black girlfriend are in a car. Who's driving? "The cop!"
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Q: What do you call vietnamese guy that wants to be black? A: Vinegar!
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White owl: who who. Black owl: who dat who dat.
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There is three kids sitting at the lunch table one day. One kid ask what do you call a mixed baby? One replies a zebra,another replies a mistake and the third one replies. Rape
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Why do white people have pets? Because the aren't allowed black people anymore...
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How do you find the population of a Mexican village? Roll a quarter down the street.r
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A teacher was giving a lesson and was telling the pupils that we came from Adam and Eve. A hand went up and the kid said, "But my dad told me that we come from apes, Miss?" Miss replied, "Stay out of this one, Leroy!"
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