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What do nigger pimps and farmers have in common? They both need a hoe to stay in business!
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Q: What's the difference between a black guy and a white guy? A: A white guy can say "Hey Dad" and "Good morning officer".
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How long does it take a black lady to shit? About 9 months.
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Why is Stevie Wonder always smiling? Because no one has told him he's black.
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Q: What did Jesus tell the Mexicans just before he died? A: Act stupid until I get back.
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Whats the difference between a pizza and a jew? A pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven.
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Q: Why dont black women wear panties to picknics? A: To keep the flies off the chicken
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Q: What's the difference between an Indian and a toilet? A: The toilet smells good when it gets cleaned.
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An Arabic kid joined my football team. All he did was blow the plays.
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How do you starve a black person? Put their food stamps under a job application.
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