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How do you get a Jewish girl's number? You pull up her sleeve.
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Whats the difference between a pizza and a jew? A pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven.
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How has Jesse Jackson lost the vote of most niggers? He promised to create jobs for them if elected.
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An Arabic kid joined my football team. All he did was blow the plays.
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Q: Why are most democrats black A: Black people are idiots.
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Q: Why don't black kids play in sand boxs? A: Because they are affraid the cats will try to cover them up.
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Q:What's the most dangerous job in America? A: The graveyard shift at a KFC in the projects.
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Q: How do you know your black neighbor has moved? A: The new neighbor has car insurance.
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How to tell who is Jewish in your class, drop a penny and see who gets their first.
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A cowboy and a retard are sitting at home bored. The cowboy says," let's go down to the bowling alley and beat up niggers." The retard says ," OK ". When they arrive , the cowboy sees five black dudes bowling. He goes over and starts beating their asses. He stops and looks to see the retard smashing bowling balls with a sledgehammer. He goes over and says, " hey... I thought we was gonna beat up niggers?" The retard responds, " get the live ones, I'll kill the eggs ."
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