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Two black men are walking down the street. They pass a shop that advertises "Be White For a Day! Ninety-nine cents!" The two guys decide to try it out and they look to see how much money they have. One guy has a dollar bill, and the other guy has exactly ninety-eight cents. They decide that the first guy will go in with the dollar, get his change and then give it to the second guy so he can go in. Problem solved. The first guy goes in, and after a few minutes, he comes out with white skin, kakhi slacks, a polo, and a golf cap. They laugh and admire his new race for a minute. Then the second guy says, "How about that penny?" The first guy yells, "GET A JOB!"
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When terrorists feed their children, do they use the airplane method of "open wide" while making airplane noises? Or do they just smash it into their faces?
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How does a black woman know when she's pregnant? When she pulls out her tampon all the cotton is picked off.
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The Winter Olympics. Letting white people win at sports no one else can afford to learn.
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Mexican jokes and black jokes are pretty much the same. Once you heard Juan you've heard Jamal.
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What do you call a mexican who's lost his car? Carlos.
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Q: Why did the little black boy start crying when he had diarrhea? A: He thought he was melting.
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What do you call a bunch of white people in a elevator? A box of crakers.
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Why don't black people dream? Because the last black guy that "had a dream" got shot
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There's this black kid that goes to school and realizes teachers treat him differently than the white kids. So, he goes home, paints himself white and shows his dad. His dad beats the crud outta him. He shows his mother, "Hey Ma, Look! I'm white!" He gets beat by his mom too. Lastly, he shows his Grandmother, "Grandma, Look! I'm white! She beats him badly with her cane and sends him to his room. Later, his dad comes into his room and asks, "Son, did you learn anything out of this?" And the boy replies, "Duh! I've only been white for an hour and I already hate three niggers!"
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