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Women need a reason to have sex - men just need a place.
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Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids.
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"I just had sexed in school today, dad! You lied to me! You told me if I have sex before my 16th biurthday, my boyfriend will die." "Oh, he will, sweetheart, he will."
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The woman was in bed with her lover and had just told him how stupid her Irish husband was when the door was thrown open and there stood her husband. He glared at her lover and bellowed, "What are you doing?" "There," said the wife, "didn’t I tell you he was stupid?"
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Why do so many women fake orgasm? Because so many men fake foreplay.
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Unexpected sex - is the best thing to wake up, unless you're in prison...
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Mary and Jane are talking. Mary declares that she’s finally got pregnant after years of trying. ‘How did you manage it?’ asks Jane. ‘I went to that hypnotherapist on the High Street,’ replies Mary. ‘I got pregnant within two months.’ ‘Oh, my husband and I tried seeing him years ago,’ says Jane. ‘It didn’t work for us.’ ‘Of course it wouldn’t,’ replies Mary. ‘You have to go alone.’
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Q: Why did they make glow in the dark condoms? A: So gay guys can play star wars.
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A woman, after giving birth to six babies, upon seeing her husband gets up off the hospital bed, walks over to him shouting "I told you not to go doggy style!"
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Q: Why does the easter bunny hide his eggs? A: He doesn't want anyone to know he's f**king chickens.
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