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My eyelids are so sexy, I can't keep my eyes off them.
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Q: What do you call a blonde in a leather jacket? A: Married.
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I have two accounts on Facebook it means I have two faces. It's really good because one is cuter to attract people.
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Johny met his classmate from high school after ten years who was still very beautiful. As he met her, he told her only: "Hi Ann, I am pleased to see you again after so many years." Ann took a look at his pants and said: "I know that you´re pleased."
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Q: How does Jesus celebrate Easter? A: He gets a manicure, pedicure, and has his nails polished.
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Chuck Norris often walks on Bikini Atoll during tests to get a tan.
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We're hoping Chuck Norris doesn't go bald on top. It's a bad look with his mullet.
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Yesterday I was at the hairdresser to cut my hair. The cutting of the hair costs 3 Euros but I had only 1 Euro. So I have asked the hairdresser if she will cut my hair also for 1 Euro? She said yes, so I was glad. Ok, it is not perfect, one side of my head is cut a little bit more than the other one, maybe I look a bit weird, but nobody is perfect.
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Two attorneys were walking out of a bar and a beautiful young lady walks by. One attorney turns to his associate and comments "Boy, I would like to fuck her! The other attorney thinks for a second and said "Out of what"?
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What would a computer geek is going to do after seeing a beautiful woman? "Immediately start downloading it."
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