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Every night while Dave is having dinner his wife Natalie goes to the bedroom turns off the light and makes out with Daves friend Andy by the window. After some days Dave had doubt and leaving supper he went to the dark room only to hear whispers from the other side of the window. He pushes Natalie away goes near the window,unties his pant and put his arse facing the window. After a minute Andy puts a kiss on his butt cheek and says "Natalie, haven't u brushed ur teeth today?"
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A woman is speaking to her friend, ‘My husband has got one foot in the grate.’ ‘Don’t you mean one foot in the “grave”?’ says the friend. ‘No,’ replies the woman. ‘He wants to be cremated.’
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It is genetically pre-recorded in men’s brain to look for a women, which is alike his mother – said Mr. John to the judge at the court, where he was being blamed for raping his sister.
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Come on guys, I think we are a little tough on pedophiles, they have a hard time fitting in.
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Chuck Norris has travelled many places and seen many faces. So too has his boot.
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What's the difference betwee Elton John and Princess Diana ? One's composing, the other is decomposing.
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Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty five-year-olds? A: Because there are twenty of them!
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How did they know that the driver had dandruff? They found his head and shoulders in the glove box.
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Why did Beyonce sing 'to the left', 'to the left'? - Because black people have no rights..
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Europe to Iceland: Why did you send us volcanic ash? Our airspace has shut down. Iceland: What? That's what you asked for isn't it? Europe: NO! We said cash! CASH! Iceland: Woooops...
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