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Yo Mama's so fat that when she bends over, the whole country enters daylight saving.
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A 21-year-old is hired by a hardware store. He shows up for his first day of work at 8 AM sharp. The boss welcomes him, then hands him a broom. "First, sweep out the store. Then I'll show you where the window cleaning equipment is." "Sir," the young man protests. "You can't be serious. I'm a college graduate." "Oh, sorry," says the manager, pointing to the broom. "No problem. I can show you how that thing works."
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Yo' Mama is so fat, she puts in tampons with a bazooka.
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Yo mama so fat when she was in school she sat by everybody!
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You are so old, the candles on your birthday cake raised earths temperature by 3 degrees.
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Little lad is sitting between his Mum and Dad on the sofa and they are playing a game about what sounds animals say. His Mum says "What does a duck say Tommy?" He says"Quack quack Mummy." His Mum says "Very good Tommy,that's right." She says "What does a dog say?" He says "Woof woof Mummy." She says "Very good." She says "What does a cat say?" He says "Meow meow Mummy." She says "Yes that's right." Tommy says "Let Daddy have a go." His dad says "Ok Tommy,what does a cow say?" The little lad looks confused and his Dad says "Come on Tommy you know what a cow says." Tommy says "Yes I do but do you mean a cow that eats grass and gives us our milk, or the one you where talking to Uncle John about, that said you could'nt go to the Stag show with him?"
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Yo Mama's just like peanut-butter...she spreads for bread !
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You mama is so fat, when she lies on the beach Greenpeace try to push her back in the water.
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The main distinction between a boss and the Pope is the Pope only expects you to kiss his ring.
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Q: Did you hear that the White House isn't displaying it's Nativity scene this year? A: They couldn't find the three wise men!
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