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Yo mama is so fat she doesn't need the internet. She is already world-wide!
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Gmail: Someone has signed into your account! Me: Yeah that was me Gmail: No it was on another device! Me: Yes my tablet Gmail: Someone stole your tablet?! Me: What? No! Gmail: Call the police
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Q: Why do goalkeepers spend ages on the Internet? A: Because they can't stop saving their work.
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Q: What do you call a fire at the Internet cafe? A: An e-mergency.
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If Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks you, even Google won't be able to find you.
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When Google has a question Chuck Norris always knows it.
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How do barmen surf the web? On the Gin-ternet.
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Q: Does your mum like shopping on the Internet? A: No, the trolley keeps rolling off the top of the computer.
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I never thought that the Internet was very useful, but now I've changed my mind. Let's hope your new one works better than the one you had before.
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Doctor, doctor, should I surf the Internet on an empty stomach? No, you should do it on a computer.
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