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‘I’m a bad lover. Once I caught a peeping Tom booing me.’ Rodney Dangerfield
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Little Johnny took sex ed and every day when little Johnny would come in from school he'll tell his dad for learning sex ed well one day we'll just come in and he said that I got thrown out sex ed Lil Johnny's daddy says how do you get thrown out sex ed Little Johnny said well Dad I got in trouble for eating during class.
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One day Pepito was having a shower with his father when he saw his fathers penis. He asked his father what it was and his father replied "this is my racing car". The next night Pepito heard moaning in his parents room, being curious he peeped in to see what was happening. He then saw his father on top of his mother, while looking his father saw him and told him to go to his room. "OK, but I'm not sure you're driving that racing car properly" replied Pepito.
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How can you tell if your girlfriend’s frigid? When you open her legs, the lights go on.
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Yo' Mama is so skanky, when yo' daddy suggested doggie style, she laid down and licked her balls.
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I just checked my schedule and I can have you pregnant by Christmas.
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Q: What do Blondes say after sex? A1: Thanks Guys. A2: Are you boys all in the same band? A3: Do you guys all play for the Green Bay Packers?
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Q: How do you know a gay guy has farted? A: He needs to change his pants afterward.
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Heres what you do: 1. Dinner 2. Kiss 3. Movie 4. Sex 5. Bring her back home 6. Get paid 15 bucks for babysitting
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Harry is better at sex than anyone he know. Now all he needs is a partner.
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