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One day Pepito was having a shower with his father when he saw his fathers penis. He asked his father what it was and his father replied "this is my racing car". The next night Pepito heard moaning in his parents room, being curious he peeped in to see what was happening. He then saw his father on top of his mother, while looking his father saw him and told him to go to his room. "OK, but I'm not sure you're driving that racing car properly" replied Pepito.
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Man, to woman, ‘Do you want sex?’ Woman, ‘Your place or mine?’ Man, ‘Well, if you’re going to argue. Forget it.’
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How do you know if your wife wears tights in bed? Her toes curl up when you screw her.
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What is the difference between a joystick and a man's d**k? A joystick does its job.
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‘Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.’ Rodney Dangerfield
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Q: What’s so good in f***ing twenty six year olds? A: That they are twenty…
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The vicar never entertained lewd thoughts – they always entertained him.
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Heres what you do: 1. Dinner 2. Kiss 3. Movie 4. Sex 5. Bring her back home 6. Get paid 15 bucks for babysitting
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Men are like buses. One comes every 15 minutes.
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While making love, he says: Darling, let's do 68! 68??? What's that? You do it to me and I'll owe you one.
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