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Your mama is so stupid, when she lost her dildo she called the cops to look for it.
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One day a man and a giraffe go to a pub they have a couple of drinks then on their way out the giraffe falls over and blocks the door the bar. Man says "you can leave that lion here." The man said "it's not a lion its a giraffe you idiot."
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Q: What kinds of people don't get invited to blonde parties? A: Women!
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Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick me for being stupid.
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Yo mama so stupid she though iHop was a gym!
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Yo Mama's so stupid because it too her 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes.
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Your mama's so stupid when she saw a bus with lots of white kids in it she said stop that Twinkie.
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A couple was having an argument, and the man was losing badly. After 5 minutes the woman won the argument proving the man to be stupid, the man sadly says "If my proof falls then I rome through the halls." Then the woman leaves for 10 minutes and comes back starts giving him a blowjob. The man is confused and says "what are you doing?" She said "If I prove you dumb I give ya some." The man continues to lose a argument knowing he will get a blowjob after 10 minutes, and he did. Years later they have a kid but none of them want him so they have an argument of who takes care of it and the other leaves for good. The man without a thought loses the argument the get another blowjob, but after the argument the woman starts rapping "Yo yo guess who's the kid, not me so suck yourself bitch." Before she leaves the he says "what about the blowjob?" She says ask my twin sister that has herpes cause she did it the whole time.
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Yo Mama's so stupid when she heard someone say it was chille outside,she went and grabbed a size 20 bowl.
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Yo mama is so stupid that when the computer said "Press any key to continue", she couldn't find the 'Any' key.
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