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Two girl sprinters are training for the 100 metres race. One says to the other: "You won't believe this, but I've just run 100 metres in 10 seconds." The other says: "But that's impossible, that's the world record." So the other says: "Ah hah, but I took a short cut."
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In 1945 Chuck Norris drank a Redbull and jumped out a plane. For image results, Google the word Hiroshima.
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Chuck Norris was born Sept. 1 1945. World War 2 ended Sept. 2 1945. What a coincidence.
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Chuck Norris once saw a video that takes 24 hours to watch... He saw it 3 times a day.
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Chuck Norris can play a whole note in 3/4 time.
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Q. How do you know if a Asian robbed your house? A. Your HW is done , computer is upgraded, 2 hrs later lil f***er still tryin back off the driveway.
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Good news, I've been given a goldfish for my birthday... The bad news is that I don't get the bowl until my next birthday!
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Chuck Norris kills time in his spare time.
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Chuck Norris did the blue whale challenge. By the 50th day, his instructor had jumped off the building.
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A woman goes to a doctor, doctor, I'm tired of life, want to finish my life, what is best to kill myself? The doctor says: "Should yourself 5 cm under your breast, you will be dead!" 2 weeks later, woman back at doctors, what happened? I shot myself into my knee.
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