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Chuck Norris won a staring contest with his eyes closed.
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Your mama so ugly, when she went to a stripping club, they paid her to keep her clothes on.
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Night time... when Chuck Norris tells the sun it's time for bed.
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Yo momma is so fat when she walked by the TV i missed 3 episodes!
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Since it started to rain, my wife can't stop looking through the window. If it will start pouring down, I'm afraid I will have to let her inside.
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To finally solve whether Mona-Lisa is smiling or not, Chuck Norris took a quick look at it. She's crying
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Q: What food diminishes a woman's sex drive by 90%? A: Her wedding cake.
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My Grandma is in her 90's and she still doesn't need glasses. She just drinks straight out of the bottle.
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My wife was dying. I was by her bedside. She said in a tired voice, "Theres something I must confess." "Shhh" I said, "theres nothing to confess. Everythings alright." "No I must die in peace. I had s*x with your brother, your best friend, his best friend and your father!" "I know," I whispered "Thats why i posion you, now close your eyes!"
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A failure in a device will never appear until it has passed final inspection.
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