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I got into an embarrassing situation at a swingers' party last night. I snuck up behind an older lady, started fucking her from behind then looked up and suddenly realised that the guy at the other end of the spitroast, getting a blowjob, was my dad. I said, "After 30 years of marriage I can't believe you're being unfaithful to mum." He said, "I'm not."
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Me: "Will you Remember me in a day?" Her: "Yes." Me: "Will you remember me in a week?" Her: "Yes." Me: "Will you remember me in a month?" Her: "Yes." Me: "Will you remember me in a year?" Her: "Yes." Me: "Ok, I have a joke. Her: "Ok." Me: "Knock, knock." Her: "Who's there?" Me: "You didn't remember me."
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I hate Chuck Norris. Oh SHI...
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Dear Husband, I have been feeling really dirty lately. Please do me. Love, Dishes
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Q: What do you call a Chinese person with a video camera? A: Phil Ming
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Q: What did the little black kid get for Christmas? A: My bike.
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A husband asks his very ill wife at the hospital: Tell me what is your last wish? Nothing more, I just want to check my status on Facebook.
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Boy: "Do you like parties?" Girl: "Yes, why?" Boy: "Well then jump in my pants and have a ball!"
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Yo mama's so fat that, after sex I rolled over twice and was still on the bitch!
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Knock, knock. Who's there? Kanga. Kanga who? Actually, it's kangaroo!
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