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Chuck Norris can't have children, because his dick wouldn't fit.
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Now there's a rack I'd like to be stretched out on.
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One day President Trump's motorcade was heading to the Mexican border to see first hand progress on The Wall. All of a sudden a naked lone figure was seen bent over on the side of the road. Wanting to help the president ordered the motorcade to stop. He got out and approached the figure and suddenly realized it was Nancy Pelosi. She was naked with her wrists handcuffed to her ankles. The president said, "OMG Nancy what happened?" She cried out that she was kidnapped by a bunch of people wearing MAGA hats and left to die! The president said "Well I'm not going to let that happen" as he was unzipping his zipper. He yelled out to the motorcade "OK boys the line starts behind me"
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Your house is so dirty I saw rats on dirt bikes.
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Did you hear the one about the cannibal who passed his brother in the jungle the other day?
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When two men have sex what position are they going to be in? But what about when two dogs have sex? That means that the two men are having sex doggy style then what ways are the dogs having sex? That means that the dogs are having an affair with the men to have sex doggy style.
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Q: Do you know what happends with a nigger if he sticks up 12 varningssigns in his ass? A: He becomes a toblerone!
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Q: How big are the pastro's beds? A: Oh c'mon, it knows every little kid.
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What do you give the princess who has everything? A seatbelt and an airbag.
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Want a taste of my hanging sausage?
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