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How did the live baby escape from a room filled with with zombie babies? He ate his way out.
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What does a blind, deaf, quadriplegic baby can get for Christmas ? Cancer.
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What’s harder to do than nailing a baby to a tree? Nailing it to a dead puppy.
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This is a visual joke. Blow some cigarette smoke into a shoe, what do you have? A palestinian waiting for the bus.
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I love cats – they taste just like chicken.
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What is grosser than gross? When you're kissing Grandma and she slips you the tongue.
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What do you give Mikey for his 18th birthday? A 90 year old woman, because Mikey will eat anything.
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What is the definition of revenge? A baby with a dog in its mouth.
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When is the best time to bury that baby you killed? When it starts talking to you again.
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LaShaunda had just given birth to a daughter and discussed possible names with her hospital roommate, LaQoowanga. LaShwanda mentioned a name she had heard in the doctor's office, "Vagina". When the hospital personnel asked her what name to put on the birth certificate, LaShaunda said "Vagina". "You can't name your baby that!" "Don't disrespect me! I be her mama. I can names her anything I want." When the hospital person tried to explained what the name meant, LaShaunda said, "No, No! that's a cootchie!"
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