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A teacher asked a student to write 55. Student asked: How? Teacher: Write 5 and beside it another 5! The student wrote 5 and stopped. Teacher: What are you waiting for? Student: I don't know which side to write the other 5!
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So Descartes goes into a bar late one night for a beer. At closing time, the bartender makes Last Call and asks him, "Get you another?" Descartes replies, "I think not." And disappears.
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Why was the math textbook so sad? He had a lot of problems!
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Little Johnny's teacher asks him, "If I have 5 cookies, and I give you 2, how many cookies do I have left?" Little Johnny replies, "Zero, you're giving me more than just 3 cookies. I'm taking all 5 baby!" The teacher just facepalms herself. "I can strongly suggest that you work on your math skills Johnny." the teacher suggests. "Oh I know math, one man plus one girl, subtract a condom, equals a baby!" Little Johnny says.
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Q:Why is the number eight afraid of the number seven? A:Because seven ate nine.
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What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt!
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The square root of Chuck Norris is pain. Do not try to square Chuck Norris, the result is death.
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Did you hear about the mathematician with constipation ? He had to work it out with a pencil...
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Two random variables were talking in a bar. They thought they were being discrete but I heard their chatter continuously.
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E=mc squared. E multiplied by mc squared=Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick.
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