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Q: What's the difference between an Aboriginal and a park bench? A: The park bench can support a family of five but the Aboriginal can't.
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Q: What do you call the most powerful white man on the planet? A: The President of the*t.
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Q: How Many White People Does it Take To Screw In a Lightbulb? A: None, they get a nigger to do it.
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Q: What do you call a Jew with a mental disability? A: Auschwitztic.
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Why do black people have white hands? They were up against the wall when God spray painted them!
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If I had a dollar every time I made a racist joke a nigger would rob me.
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There is a 3 story apartment building with 1 apartment on each floor. A white family lives on the top floor. A mexican family lives on the second floor. A nigger family lives on the botom floor. At 2:00 PM in the afternoon a terrrible tornado hits the building, totally destroying it. Which family lived? The White family, because both parents were at work and the kids were in school.
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I thought I was real racist because I was liking those black men so black that if you looked at a picture of them, it looks like a negative.
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Why do police dogs lick their balls? To get the taste of Nigger out their mouths.
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Q: How do you start a black parade? A: Roll a 40 down the street.
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