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Q: What happens when a black girl gets pregnant? A: Her nigga runs away.
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A 5 year old black boy walks up to a 5 year old white boy and says, "My daddy's goy a car. When he honks the horn it goes 'honkey honkey'". Little white boy says, "shit, my daddys got a chain saw when he starts it up it goes 'run nigga nigga run'".
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Women are just like fine wine. I only like the white ones.
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Q: How Many White People Does it Take To Screw In a Lightbulb? A: None, they get a nigger to do it.
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Q: What kind of kids do you get when a black and a Mexican marry. A: Kids too lazy to steal.
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Why are black people good at basketball? Because they run, shoot and steal.
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A nigger goes to the doctor in South Africa. He cries he’s got neck pains, the doctor tells him to strip his clothes and walk in four legs and stay for a while in every corner of the room. The nigger, get’s up in his feet and asks the doctor what’s the point: Well this because I have a new black table and I wanted to see where to put it!
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What do you call a nigger with a regular job, who doesn’t drive a lowrider, sleeps in the same bed every night, doesn’t collect welfare, and doesn’t rape White women? An inmate.
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Q: What's the difference between an Aboriginal and a park bench? A: The park bench can support a family of five but the Aboriginal can't.
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Q: Why do black people lean to the center of their car? A: They think the smell is coming from the outside.
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