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Why are asian people bad at driving? Because they can't see.
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Q: What do you call an African American documentary? A: Planet of the Apes.
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There is a nigger and a Mexican in a car. Who is driving? Nethier, the cop is.
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Q: How many white people does it take to clean a toilet? A: None, that's a nigger's job.
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Q: Do you really want to know why white people are Prejudice, and racist towards black folks? A: Simply because when they go tan their skin at the beach it burn like bleach.
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Q: Why are there only two paulbears at a black guys funeral? A: There are only two handles on a garbage can.
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I'm not saying I'm racist at all, but... I put chocolate milk in back of the fridge.
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Q: Whats the most worthless thing on a woman's body? A: A Mexican.
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Q: Why was the black baby crying? A: He had diarea and thought he was melting.
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What repulsive thing can be found in a nigger's clothes? The nigger.
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