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Camilla goes to the doctors and says "Doctor, whenever one sucks Charlie's cock one gets a stomach ache." The doctor says "Have you tried Andrew's?"
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Why did the pervert cross the road? Because he was stuck in the chicken.
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What’s the difference between a bar and a g-spot? Most men have no trouble finding a bar.
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An elderly couple met for a romp in the broom closet at the nursing home. They undressed and were about to screw, The woman decided to warn the man of her heart condition. "I should tell you, I have acute angina" she said. The man replied, "thats good because you have the ugliest breasts I ever seen!"
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Two sperms. The first one asked the second "How much time we need to reach the womb?" The second one answered "To much time left... We are in the stomach now."
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Tow millipedes went for honey moon. The male one asked: "My darling, between which feet is your pussy, please?"
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Yo Mama's so ugly, I can f**k her in any position and it'll still be doggie-style.
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I think you’ll find that any of my lady companions will tell you I’m a ‘five times a night man’. I really shouldn’t drink so much tea before I go to bed.
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Q: What did the blonde do when she found out she was pregnant with triplets? A: She went looking for the three guys.
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My 1st time having sex. I suddenly stopped and didn't move. She: "What are you doing?" Me: "I've seen this on YouPorn, it's called Buffering.
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