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Q: What do women and cats have in common? A: Pussy farts.
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Chuck Norris sleeps with every woman on the planet once a month... and they bleed for a week.
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A young woman was having a physical examination and was very embarrassed because of a weight problem. As she removed her last bit of clothing, she blushed. "I'm so ashamed, and dirty Doctor," she said, "I guess I let myself go." The physician was checking hers eyes and ears. "Don't feel ashamed, Miss. You don't look that bad." "Do you really think so, Doctor?" she asked. The doctor held a tongue depressor in front of her face and said, "Of course. Now just open your mouth and say moo."
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How many men does it take to please a woman. Impossible. Once a woman's done bitching about the men they're all asleep.
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Chuck Norris can make love to a girl so hard and fast it inspired a reality tv series. We know it as Forged in the fire.
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Question: Why did the Army send do many women with PMS to the Persian Gulf? Answer: They fought like animals and retained water for 4 days.
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Why do women always fart only when they go to the bathroom? They have to blow dry—and there's nothing to shake.
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I want me a big black girl...the type of woman that sits in the car and it looks like it's got tinted windows.
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Q. Why don't women blink during foreplay? A. They don't have time.
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Question: What do you call a woman who has lost 95 percent of her intelligence? Answer: Divorced.
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