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A math teacher asks a pupil, what are 3, 5, 7 and 11? The pupil thinks for a moment and then replies, "On 3 there is cartoon network, on 5 we have cartoon network, on 7 dad checks out news-bulletin and the channel that comes by pressing 11 on the remote is FTV, which my brother watches late at night."
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Awwww, kids. They blow up so fast... Get it, kids grow up so fast.
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A: How do children in Baghdad do? A: Bombastically.
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Handy hint: Feed your baby onions so you can find it in the dark.
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Q:How does a bear start a race? A: READY, TEDDY, GO!
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A mother was reading a book about animals to her 3 year old daughter. Mother: "What does the cow say?" Child: "Moo!" Mother: "Great! What does the cat say?" Child: "Meow." Mother: "Oh, you're so smart! What does the frog say?" And this wide-eyed little 3 year-old looked up at her mother and in her deepest voice replied, "Bud."
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Panic: When your babysitter calls to ask where you keep the fire extinguisher.
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Q: Where does your nose go, when it gets hungry? A: Booger King!!!
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He was such a big baby that the doctor was afraid to slap him.
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Boy’s father come back from uk & was calling his wife. Boy:- papa mom has died. father slaped boy & said why u dont inform me when i was in America Boy :- i thought i will give u a surprise.
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